I invite you to live love consciously and, one day a week, to manage staying in love no matter what happens, to answer with love and to give love the whole day regardless of what comes into your life.

People born with the talent to love are rare, just like people born with the talent to paint or dance are rare. So for the majority of people it is necessary to practice, learn, and to make an effort towards perfecting the way they show love.

One day a week, strive to give love through concrete acts in the environment and community where you live. Look at everything around you with love. Believe in love’s power to remodel and enrich everything, even when that seems impossible to achieve. Give up judging and critiquing, give up reproaches and blaming, at least one day a week. Express generosity, kindness, understanding, self-sacrifice, elegance, and refinement in everything you do at least one day a week.  Be so kind that, at least one day a week, you put everyone’s needs before yours.

It doesn’t cost us anything; we don’t need approvals or who knows what permits. We just need an interior attitude based on love, compassion, understanding, mutual respect, and amiability – the most righteous and humane parts of ourselves – to practice love.

Specifically, I propose that at least every Sunday, we try to pay more attention to how we express love, to be more generous in tender gestures, in kind words, in acts full of love. At least every Sunday let’s give everyone else more consideration, avoid all anger, all ill-mannered words, all reproaches. On this day of love let’s strive to forgive and ask for forgiveness, to be more mindful and to spend time with those who are close to us and who we say we love.

Furthermore, I propose to buy a notebook and every Sunday to write in it a declaration of love for someone you love or for God. If one Sunday you don’t feel like writing anything or you don’t have any words, just writing “I love you!” or drawing a heart or shedding a tear and writing your signature under it is enough. It really is a very valuable exercise to write these declarations of love.  Tell your parents, brothers and sisters that you love them. We don’t do this often enough!

Let’s turn at least one day of the week into the day of love, the day of forgiveness, and the day to dress our soul in its best clothes, to bathe in love, to express loving words, to make tender gestures, to be truly loving, kind and beautiful!

Of course, you can choose any other day of the week, not necessarily Sunday, or you can choose more days of the week, not just one.

Share this project! Let’s start a re-evolution of love!